Monday, May 28, 2012

Bonus Boozy Bacon Jam

Pinterest is a time sink. I want to move in to Pinterest Land and live amongst the food and gardening boards wearing something
from one of the 389482347297 style boards peeps have set up. I saw this recipe there and fell in love with the idea. Bacon and booze jam. Hot damn I'm in!
The recipe was ez pz and with the exception of forgetting I do not keep bourbon in the house usually I was very eager to try it. This is where having a son who just turned 21 comes in handy.

The process of making the jam begins with rendering the fat from the bacon and only using the bacon. Then in a pot you sautee onions in butter with brown sugar and cook down for 20 minutes. Then you add the bacon to the onions and add the spices, vinegar, syrup, booze, siracha, etc. The mixture simmers for an hour and a half. When it cools you can puree it to whatever consistency you'd like. I over did it and would suggest just a few swift pulses in the food processor.

The results are amazingly sweet, salty, smokey and spicy all at once. I served it with fresh crusty french bread and goat cheese. The goat cheese adds just the right tartness to off set the sweet jam. It was a hit at both parties it attended over the weekend. You know chicks dig goat cheese and dudes dig bacon so it is a win/win appetizer

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