Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Favorite First

Everyone knows him on facebook as my Favorite First Husband and he absolutely is. He will also be my Favorite Last Husband. Really. Who could handle all this? Who is man enough to try?
Well my baby daddy is turning 48. So I know you are all thinking, "What would he most want his wife, the same wife who shows her emotions by feeding peeps, to make for his birthday treat?"

The answer of course is Jell-O Poke cake. No. Seriously. That gloppy mess that is typically reserved for toddler birthdays. Well, if'n that's what my baby wants, that is what he shall have. Cept I am absolutely not fooling with layers. Birthday cakes at the Dennis household come in a 13 x9 pan no matter what goes in it. The only exception is cupcakes.

So the gist of a Jell-O poke cake is a cake that you poke and pour Jell-O over. Then you refrigerate it for a couple of hours so the Jell_o can both soak in and set up. You can just imagine what 2 cups of gelatin does to the texture of a box cake mix *ack* The best part of this cake will be the frosting. It I mean will be fluffy, sweet clouds. It is possible I cleaned the beaters and bowl, my mama taught me right, with strawberries. mmmmmm. The frosting consists of 2 bars of cream cheese whipped, 2 cups of powdered sugar, and 1 tub of cool whip. It is the perfect topping for any refrigerated cake or dessert, especially with fruit. My Favorite 1st chose strawberry Jell-O for his cake so it was the perfect match. Just as he and I are.

I love that man. He deserves the world. But he's happy with a Jell-o Poke cake, and me. Just in case he needs a little somethin' somethin' on the side, I got him a Samsung Galaxy tablet. Man can not live by poke cake alone. Not my man. Happy Birthday to my Favorite, First, Last, Everything.


  1. A man who loves his jello poke cake is a keeper....Happy Birthday Dennis!

    I am thinking he is really going to enjoy his new samsung galaxy tablet too.


    1. He is loving it Velva! He's so easy. He is not one for complicated recipes. If it is meat with red sauce or meat with gravy that spells perfect in his book. Thank all things holy he is easy to please because I'm not much of a pleaser when need be :p

  2. Photos at facebook of the finished results!