Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sweet 16 Indeed

So my baby turns 16 tomorrow. He's so much more man than child now days. I walk that line between wanting to wrap him up in his "ki ki" and rock his big self to sleep, and giving him the keys to the car so he can try to buy me wine at Walmart because I don't want to put my bra back on. Honestly people, I am trying to avoid being a post of peopleofwalmart.com . He doesn't want a party but he conceded that I could make extra cupcakes and take them to his dojo. So despite an overwhelming urge, I did not decorate them with Thomas the Tank Engine.

In a previous post I mentioned how I had used cream de coconut in place of water in the cake mix and it resulted in sinkholes. So I piggy backed from the recipe for frosting Kristina mentioned in that post and made a filling from a stick of butter, 1/3 cup of honey and 1/2 a bag of sweetened coconut. I creamed them together, then scooped and rolled them into balls placing the balls in the sinkholes. I then made a coconilla frosting from a stick of butter, 8 oz. of cream cheese, 1 T of vanilla bean paste, and 2 tsp of coconut flavoring. I creamed those together til nice and fluffy then added 2 cups of powdered sugar, whipping until it was like coconut clouds :p Then I did the old sandwich bag as frosting bag trick. I hung a bag inside a plastic cup folding the edges of the bag over the edge of the cup then scooped the frosting in the bag. Then I rolled the edged of the bag up, squeezing the frosting towards one corner, clipped the corner off and frosted the cupcakes. They turned out smarvelous. The soon to be birthday boy came home mid-frosting and I let him have a taste. He approved which means I am over the moon.

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  1. This is a special birthday...Truly a milestone for him, and will be one for you too.

    Happy 16th birthday to you son.